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Virginia's New Health Coverage for Adults


The following resources are available to assist you with outreach.

Advocates Toolkit – An easy to follow guide to help you understand and promote the new coverage for adults
Materials - Order and print Health Coverage for Adults materials online, free of charge

Recorded Webinar for Stakeholders and Advocates - Training for stakeholders and advocates
Presentation for Stakeholders and Advocates - For providing presentations to stakeholders and advocates (Updated 10/10/2018)
Script for Stakeholders and Advocates - Provides talking points for the presentation (Updated 10/10/2018)

Additional Resources for Providers/Stakeholders - Connects to resources on the DMAS website

Recorded Webinar for Members and Other Audiences - Training for members and other audiences
Presentation for Members and Other Audiences – For providing presentations to members and other audiences (Updated 10/10/2018)
Script for Members and Other Audiences – Provides talking points for the presentation (Updated 10/10/2018)

SignUpNow Workshops - Add your name to the e-mail list to be notified about the dates and locations across the state where SignUpNow workshops (4+ hour) will be held. There you can learn how to help individuals and families apply for Virginia’s state-sponsored health insurance programs (Medicaid and FAMIS).

Cover Virginia Countdown! 100 Days to Coverage Event - Check out the video of speakers and presentations from the Advocates event that was held on on September 21st, 2018 at the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association in Richmond.
DMAS Director's Call to Action - Jennifer Lee, M.D.
Insights from Eligible Virginians - Alison Betty and David Smith
Outreach and Application Assistance Needs - Jill Hanken and Deborah Oswalt

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If your organization would like to request a speaker to present information about the new health coverage for adults, please contact us at Include the name of the organization, number of individuals expected to attend, date and time. It would also be helpful to know the type of audience (general public, advocates or providers).

Please check this page often as new resources and materials are constantly being updated.