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Plan First

Plan First is Virginia’s FREE family planning program for men and women. Family Planning Services provide education and support to help you decide if or when you want to have a baby. Plan First offers FREE yearly family planning exams, contraceptives, lab testing, family planning education, and more.

Beginning January 1, 2019, many adults aged 19 to 64 who would only have been eligible for Plan First, will now be eligible for full benefit Medicaid under the New Health Coverage for Adults. Find out more about the new coverage including income eligibility limits. Men and women who earn too much to qualify for the New Health Coverage for Adults, may still qualify for Plan First.

Plan First enrollees receive benefits through the Fee For Service model (members will not be enrolled in a managed care plan).

What's Covered:

  • Yearly family planning exam
    • Pap tests
    • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
    • Lab services for family planning and STI testing
  • Family planning education and counseling
  • Sterilization procedures
  • Prescription contraceptives
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) contraceptives*
  • Transportation to covered family planning services

*Always need to have a doctors order for any OTC contraceptive

For more detailed information about Plan First, see the Plan First Member Handbook (Spanish).

Who is eligible:

Men and Women may be eligible if they:

  • Are US citizens or qualified legal immigrants
  • Live in Virginia
  • Meet the monthly income limits

Income Guidelines:

Qualifying for Plan First also depends on household income and family size. For your family size, count the number of people included on your federal taxes. If you don’t file taxes, count how many children and stepchildren under age 19 live in your home. Add yourself if you are the mother, father or stepparent of the children. Then add your husband or wife. For example, if you have 4 children and/or stepchildren under age 19 living in your home, plus yourself and your husband, your family size is 6. We determine eligibility based on monthly income. The current monthly income limit for a family of 6 is $5,765.

Plan First Income Limits* (Gross Income) - Effective January 18, 2018
Family Size Monthly Yearly
Each Additional Family Member $738 $8,856
$2,075 $24,887
$2,813 $33,743
$3,551 $42,599
$4,289 $51,455
$5,027 $60,311
$5,765 $69,167
$6,503 $78,023
$7,241 $86,879

*includes 5% standard disregard

To find out if you may be eligible for Plan First, answer the questions on the Eligibility Screening Tool on the Eligibility page.

How Do I Apply?

To find out if you may qualify for Plan First, answer the questions on the Screening Tool on the Am I Eligible? page. If, after using the Screening Tool, you think you may qualify, follow the instructions on the Apply page.

What if I have other health care needs?

Plan First pays for family planning services only. If you get sick or need treatment for other medical conditions and you do not qualify for full benefit Medicaid, you can go to a Community Health Center that provides primary care on a sliding fee scale based on your income. To locate a Community Health Center near you, click here.

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