Have you ever served in the military?

You may be eligible for health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs

Enrollment in the Veterans Affairs health care system means:

  • Medical care rated among the best in the U.S.
  • Immediate benefits of health care coverage. Veterans may apply for VA health care enrollment at any time.
  • No enrollment fee, monthly premiums, or deductibles. Most Veterans have no out-of-pocket costs. Some Veterans may have to pay small copayments for health care or prescription drugs.
  • More than 1,700 places available to get your care. This means your coverage can go with you if you travel or move.
  • Meeting the new requirement to have health care coverage.
If you are not enrolled in Veterans Affairs health care, you can apply at any time.

Use the VA Health Benefits Explorer to learn about the benefits you could receive as an enrolled Veteran. You will be given an opportunity to apply for enrollment after completing the Explorer. If you wish, you can skip the Explorer and simply apply for enrollment now.

If you are enrolled in Veterans Affairs health care, you don’t need to take additional steps to meet the Affordable Care Act health care law coverage standards. The health care law does not change Veterans Affairs health benefits or Veterans’ out-of-pocket costs.

To find out more about the Affordable Care Act and Veterans Affairs health care, click here.

If you have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. To download a brochure or other materials, click here.

Veterans Navigator

A new website now offers an online range of educational materials, support programs and other resources for Virginia’s more than 800,000 veterans, their families and caregivers. VeteransNavigator.org offers tips and services to help secure U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, employment programs, housing support, mental health, educational programs, legal help, and more.

Veterans Choice Program

A new option for care for Virginia veterans

Many veterans will now have the option to receive non - VA health care rather than waiting for a VA appointment or traveling to a VA facility.

Every Veteran will receive a letter and a Choice Card in the mail with details about the program. Veterans will be eligible for the program and receive cards in three phases:

  1. Veterans who may live more than 40 miles from a VA facility.
  2. Veterans who are currently waiting for an appointment longer than 30 days from their preferred date or the date determined to be medically necessary by their physician.
  3. All remaining Veterans enrolled for VA healthcare who may be eligible for the Choice Program in the future.

To set up an appointment with a non-VA provider, call the VA at 1-866-606-8198 and they will work with you to ensure you are approved for care in your community.

For more information, visit the Veterans Choice Program or select the documents below.

Veterans Choice Program Eligibility
Veterans Choice Program Participating Locations
Getting started