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Return to Normal Enrollment

Return to Normal Enrollment

Virginia Medicaid will soon return to our normal enrollment processes. We’re working with community partners, advocates and members to make sure eligible Virginians keep getting high quality health care coverage.

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2022 Income Guidelines


The new income guidelines for eligibility are effective as of January 18, 2022. Visit Our Programs for more information on monthly income limits by program.

ABD Coverage


Adults who are age 65 or older or are disabled or blind may qualify for full Medicaid. Visit the aged, blind, and disabled page for more information.

New Coverage As Of July 1, 2021

New Coverage for Pregnant Noncitizens Image

Starting July 1, 2021, pregnant individuals do not need to meet immigration status rules to be eligible for coverage. View the Health coverage for non-citizens.

Adults 21 and older enrolled in Medicaid or FAMIS will receive comprehensive dental coverage. View the Guide to Dental Coverage.