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The Virginia Medicaid agency implemented a variety of policies in 2020 in response to the needs of our members and providers as they confronted the COVID-19 pandemic. Policies protecting members from losing coverage remain in effect, and there is currently no official expiration date for these protections.

Read about emergency policies related to members at COVID-19 Medicaid Information Eligibility, Enrollment, and Appeals.

For updates on what will happen when the federal public health emergency ends and to learn what we are doing to prepare, read our Federal Public Health Emergency Planning page.

PHE Planning



Virginia Medicaid is taking action to fight COVID-19

  • No co-pays for any Medicaid or FAMIS covered services
  • No pre-approvals needed and automatic approval extensions for many critical medical services
  • Outreach to higher risk and older members to review critical needs
  • 90 day supply of many routine prescriptions
  • Ensuring members do not inadvertently lose coverage due to lapses in paperwork
  • Encouraging use of telehealth

Medicaid covers all COVID-19 testing and treatment. Call your doctor.


[PDF] COVID-19 One Page Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions

[PDF] Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing health care

You can apply for Medicaid at any time at

You can also apply for low-cost health insurance through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace at

If you do not qualify for full benefits through Medicaid or FAMIS, or you cannot afford Marketplace coverage, please know that people who are uninsured can get health care services at Virginia's Free and Charitable Health Clinics and Virginia's Community Health Centers.

During the Public Health Emergency (PHE), your health care coverage will not end unless:

  • You choose to close your case
  • You permanently move from Virginia
  • Your death is reported
  • If you become incarcerated, your coverage will not close, but it will move to limited coverage for incarcerated individuals

During the PHE you are not required to complete your annual renewal. You can still choose to complete your renewal, but your coverage will not end if you do not. After the PHE ends, you will receive information about what to do next.

Behavioral Health Resources

[PDF] Behavioral Health Resources

Where to learn more

If you have questions about how Medicaid is improving access to care in response to COVID-19, contact DMAS at

To learn more about COVID-19, go to the Virginia Department of Health website at

Virginia Poverty Law Center COVID-19 has response resources such as housing and immigration. Learn more at

This short video from VCU Partnership for People with Disabilities explains COVID-19 to people with intellectual disabilities:

Resources for advocates

This fact sheet outlines our policies to streamline application processing and maintain coverage for our members. 
[PDF] COVID-19 Medicaid Information Eligibility, Enrollment, and Appeals (Updated 06/29/2021)

These forms authorize (allow) individuals or groups, including application assisters, Navigators and Certified Application Counselors (CACs), to help Medicaid applicants after getting verbal consent. The verbal consent authorization will expire at the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

[PDF] Acknowledgment of Receipt of Verbal Consent (English)
[PDF] Acknowledgment of Receipt of Verbal Consent (Spanish)
[PDF] Consumer-Directed (CD) Services Personal Care COVID-19 Flexibilities Fact Sheet - 2020
[PDF] Consumer-Directed (CD) Services COVID-19 Fact Sheet on Personal Protection - 2020

Cover Virginia has an email inbox for verification (proof) returns. This lets customers send proof by email in addition to fax or mail. We will tell customers about this return method during calls for applications, status, and renewal submissions. It is also on the Verification Checklist (VCL) we send customers asking for information.

The new inbox lets Virginians send proof by email. They can still use fax or U.S. mail. Applicants and members who call will be given the email address. The new option is also on the Verification Checklist (VCL) that we send to Virginians who ask for information. They can still use the email inbox after the emergency ends.

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