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Eligibility Screening Tool

Am I Eligible?

Answer the 6 questions below about your household to find out if you or your children may qualify for health coverage.


Important: Healthcare coverage is based on financial and non-financial factors. While this tool screens you for coverage based on your income, you may be eligible for other types of coverage based on other factors, such as age or disability. To receive a full review, apply for coverage. Go to Apply.


How many non-pregnant adults between the ages of 19 and 64?


How many pregnant adults?


How many unborn children?


How many children age 18 or younger?


Were you or your spouse in foster care and getting Medicaid at age 18 or older, and are you or your spouse now age 26 or under?


What is your family's gross monthly income? (before taxes and deductions)

Información de Covid-19

To learn about income that is not counted during the COVID-19 emergency, visit