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The FAMIS MOMS program provides health care coverage for pregnant women.

Good health care during pregnancy is important for you and your baby. FAMIS MOMS encourages pregnant women to get early and regular prenatal care to increase the likelihood for a healthy birth outcome.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are a resident of Virginia
  • Are currently pregnant or within the sixty-day period after your pregnancy ends
  • Are a U.S. citizen or a legally-residing immigrant
  • Meet family income guidelines

FAMIS MOMS is now available as an option for state employees and their dependents.

FAMIS MOMS Income Limits* (Gross Income **) - Effective January 17, 2020
Family Size ***
2 $2,946 $35,342
3 $3,711 $44,526
4 $4,477 $53,710
5 $5,242 $62,894
6 $6,007 $72,078
7 $6,773 $81,262
8 $7,538 $90,446
Each additional $766 $9,184

* includes 5% standard disregard.
** gross income is your income before taxes and deductions
*** count the unborn child/ren as additional family members

Women not eligible for FAMIS MOMS, may be eligible for Medicaid for Pregnant Women or Emergency Services Medicaid.


When you are an enrollee in FAMIS MOMS, you get comprehensive health care benefits during your pregnancy and for two months following your baby’s birth. You also receive dental benefits during your pregnancy coverage. Dental services are administered through the Smiles For Children program. For assistance finding a dentist or for more information, please call Smiles for Children at 1-888-912-3456 or click on the [PDF] Guide to Dental Coverage.

Beginning on January 1, 2016, if you are a FAMIS MOMS enrollee and you wish to breast feed your baby, you are covered for breast pumps and breast feeding support that can start during your pregnancy and continue after your baby is born. For more information, click on the [PDF] Breast Pumps Member Fact Sheet (English)   [PDF] Breast Pumps Member Fact Sheet (Spanish).

Your health care services are provided through MCOs (managed care organizations). Please refer to the Health Plan Information page for more information about how members of the FAMIS programs receive their benefits. The MCOs all have a special program for women with high risk pregnancies. Call your MCO Member Services for more information.


With FAMIS MOMS there are no enrollment fees or monthly premiums. Additionally, there are no co-pays for pregnancy related services.

Newborn Enrollment

Once your baby is born, he or she is automatically eligible for health insurance for the first year of life. Please let us know as soon as your baby is born so that we can determine whether the baby will be covered under FAMIS or FAMIS Plus. All we need is the baby's name, date of birth, race, gender and the baby’s mother’s name and Medicaid/FAMIS ID number to get the baby enrolled immediately. You can enroll by calling Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282 or reporting the birth to your Eligibility worker at your local Department of Social Services. For more information visit the Enroll My Newborn page.

How Do I Apply?

To find out if you may qualify for FAMIS MOMS or Medicaid for Pregnant Women, answer the questions on the Screening Tool on the Am I Eligible? page and follow the instructions provided.

If, after using the Screening Tool, you think you may qualify for FAMIS MOMS, visit the Apply page.

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