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FAMIS Select helps families pay for employer-sponsored health insurance. It offers families with children enrolled in FAMIS more health care coverage options. At least one child must already be enrolled in FAMIS before the family can enroll in FAMIS Select. The FAMIS Select program allows families to choose between covering their children through FAMIS or through an employer-sponsored health plan.

Families who choose to enroll in FAMIS Select can get up to $100 per FAMIS Select enrolled child per month to help pay their family premium.

Use this [PDF] Worksheet to help you decide if FAMIS or FAMIS Select is the right choice for your family.

How Can I Enroll My Child in FAMIS Select?

A child is eligible for FAMIS Select if they are enrolled in FAMIS and have access to an employer-sponsored health plan. Once your child is approved for FAMIS, you should complete the FAMIS Select online application and submit it electronically to the FAMIS Select Unit. Proof of insurance payment must be included with the application in order to process.

Thumbnail of FAMIS Select Brochure
Thumbnail of FAMIS Select Brochure

What are the Benefits of FAMIS Select?

Two Examples of FAMIS Select Families:

A family with 3 children enrolled in FAMIS Select:

A family with 4 children enrolled in FAMIS Select

FAMIS Select Program Information

It is important to carefully compare health plans and choose the best plan for your family.

For special assistance, call the FAMIS Select/HIPP Unit at 1-800-432-5924.

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